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The Daily Bread Mailbag returns with Stephen “Breadman” Edwards tackling topics such as the trilogy fight between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder, the temper of Top Rank’s CEO bob Arum, WBC lightweight champion Devin Haney, and more.

Bread, We have one of the most stacked cards in recent memory coming up this Saturday and right off the Joshua/Usyk fight, seems like we will be having some big boxing nights to close the year out. Obviously the big fight this weekend is Fury vs Wilder III. Most are going to rightfully pick Fury to win and win big. Picking Fury to win is not going out of the limb or anything, but I think those picking him by stoppage are in for a rude awakening. Sometimes a fighter just has his best performance and is never able to replicate that sort of performance. Fury was on his game from the start and hurt Wilder with a shot to side of his head and that was the end of Wilder.

But let me ask you this, since when has Fury been known as this killer? Wilder did not have his legs under him for four rounds and Fury still was not able to knock him out. While boxing insiders/fans will think Fury has the edge mentally, I just think Wilder will hold on to that fact and gain confidence knowing Fury could not take him out on his worst. That’s not to say Fury will not win, I just don’t think it will be by stoppage. And you cannot ignore the fact that Wilder has been in the gym for almost an entire year working on his craft while Fury has been in and out of the gym while testing positive for Covid not once, but twice! I’ve liked how Malik Scott has been working the mitts as he is doing so while imitating the movement of Fury. Call me crazy, but I just have a feeling that Wilder will not be denied and will get Fury out of there within 9!

Take care

Bread’s Response: I got about 10 emails basically stating the same thing you just stated. I also have a gut feeling that Wilder will do much better than he did in the 2nd fight. If Fury blows Wilder out again, he’s truly a special fighter. Wilder is a handful. 

Malik Scott has already won. He got a fighter who was just stopped, to believe in him. Fighters who have lost by stoppage are wounded emotionally and Scott seems to have healed Wilder. It doesn’t guarantee a win but if he didn’t heal him, he would be guaranteed to lose. This will be a highly dramatic fight. I hope there is no controversy with a quick stoppage because boxing needs clarity on historically significant fights. I am also leaning Wilder by dramatic come from behind ko. But I am leery of two things. 

I saw Wilder and he looks bigger. I wonder if he has the same quickness because I’ve always thought his power was in his 1st step and punch delivery. He stepped in so quick with his 1-2 that the opponents couldn’t brace for it. If you watch all 41 of Wilder’s kos, the start of them look the same. A fast, step in 1-2 combo, after the separation of a clinch, or turn when the opponent loses AWARENESS. I now wonder if Wilder has the same quickness. He looks more muscled. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, I just don’t know. The best Wilder has been, was between 210lb-220lb. 

The second thing is I just watched Fury at the weigh in. He’s a Fighting Man. He has the spirit of a man, not born in this time. He’s different. His mind is just hard to beat. Great sayings and philosophies are a big part of boxing. Tyson said” Holding onto ANGER is like holding a hot piece of COAL attempting to throw it at me. You only end up buring yourself.” That is so DEEP. Most people don’t get it. But it’s the fighting man’s term on why shouldn’t be fighting mad. When you do things out of anger often times you harm yourself trying to harm someone else. Wilder is a puncher, so true puncher’s can fight MAD. But they all have to be careful and they can’t be mindless with their anger. I have been quietly leaning Wilder for a minute now, but I will admit that comment and Fury’s demeanor moved me. He’s special in terms of fighting men. He really is. I’m not going to change my pick but it’s going to take a lot to beat him. Wilder is going to have to turn in an historic night to beat him now. Fury is just a born fighter, with God Given talent, size and mental fortitude. His MIND is up in the ranks with the great IN RING minds of the 20th century. I can’t stop thinking about that comment. 9

What up Bread,

First of all thank you brah for keeping the mailbox going all these years. Read it EVERY Saturday. And I have to say, last week dude trying to race bait you, you answered it perfectly. Men lie, women lie, but drug test don’t lie. Facts are facts.

Going to part III this weekend, and I have no idea who I’m picking to win. Been watching I and II and every time I watch I see something that makes me lean one way or the other. Watching II I noticed that Fury’s game plan was to keep moving forward because they realized Wilder can’t fight going backward and he is not a counter puncher, as long as he was inside of Wilder’s range he was fine and could dirty box. I also noticed that Wilder did look very weak from the jump, and after round 3, the busted ear drum had his equilibrium gone. His legs buckled every time Fury connected and even when he didn’t connect. I’m not making excuses for Wilder, I’m just pointing out what I saw. I still think Fury is just the better fighter with more tools in his belt, but Wilder got the sleeper in that right hand. That being said, from your experience in the game, how destructive is a busted eardrum and how likely is a fighter to fully recover and show no after effects? Can the “new” Wilder team adjust to Fury walking him down? And who’s going to win this damn fight!??

Marl from the AZ

Bread’s Response: It’s all good, new mailbag, new week. 

A busted ear drum is serious. The ears, nose and throat are connected. And the ears also have a neurological bearing. Wilder got cracked! But I think this works for him mentally. Because he feels that on his worst night he was able to go 8 rounds and only get stopped because of a towel throw in. No matter how much the public feels that Mark Breland did the right thing. Wilder doesn’t feel that way and that’s really what it comes down to. 

I think Team Wilder has to find a way to counter Fury’s aggression. I think Wilder has to punch first and WITH Fury. If he waits, Fury ends his combinations with a body bump, head lock or some type of wrestling move. Wilder will be wore out like he was in the 2nd fight, if he allows that for a few rounds. It comes down to being ON. Being aware of what he wants to do and what Fury is doing and PROCESSING quickly.

It’s why Deontay can’t try to do too much. He has to be contained in his approach. Because if doesn’t process fast enough, he will be a step behind. Fury processes very fast and Fury does not fear Deontay. He respects his right hand but he doesn’t fear it. My pick is Wilder but I admit, it’s going to take an All Time effort to pull it out. Can’t WAIT!

Wassup Bread. I think its been about 5-6 years since I’ve wrote in, but I’ve faithfully read your mailbag. First I’d like to ask do you think Deontay Wilder took a “Beating” in the 2nd fight with Fury? He did get touched up a bit and manhandled. and he seemed to be out of it after the fourth round. However from my boxing fan eyes, I wouldn’t classify that as a beating. I hear alot of people refer to it as a beating. A “beating” that I remember of the top of my head is what Terrance Crawford did to Felix Diaz. I think Tyson Fury’s right hand will play an important role in this fight. He keep throwing a sweeping/looping right hand to and behind Wilder’s ear. I’ll keep it short with this last thing that isnt a boxing question. I notice something about you that is lacking in alot of men. Your composure and decorum stands out. Its something that I’ve noticed with Derrick James as well. I don’t see you trash talking, sneak dissing, gossiping, using profanity every other word, letting your emotions control your actions, or letting someone gas you up to talk bad about someone else. You use logic and honesty without all the other stuff that I’ve come to realize is unmanly and feminine. What do you attribute that to mostly. More nature or nurture???

Blessings, JaySlay

Bread’s Response: I thought Deontay took a beating but it wasn’t a career threatening beating. It was more of a manhandling but the right hand he took in the corner right before the stoppage was a NASTY shot. I think Deontay is fine physically. It wasn’t on the level of what Davey Moore took vs Roberto Duran. That was frightening.

I curse but I know how to articulate myself without cursing. I get excited and emotional but I won’t let someone trick me out of my freedom. I’m human, we all talk about current events etc. But I’m not a rumor spitter. Some things are just not worth repeating. I’m also not a troublemaker. That’s just my character. As far as composure is concerned, I try to keep it at all times especially in the corner. Fighters frustrate me more than you guys may know but I have to keep an even keel unless I really have to light a fire under them. Derrick James is a cool dude and excellent coach. Most top head coaches have to have some level of composure because fights are tough after a certain level and you can’t panic when things don’t go your way.

I hope you and your family are doing well, Bread.

Mr Edwards, to me it seems like the most media people give Fury a pass on his failed PED test or rather opt to turn a blind eye. I get it that Fury never tested positive for PED for Wilder’s fights but it bugs me that almost nobody including Wilder himself never brought up the PED issue before their first two fights. Maybe agreed terms beyond public knowledge?

Anyway, on this match up I rather be Fury than Wilder because the media will not be so kind towards him than it will Fury should Fury lose. For this reason, I wish and pray that Wilder win and something tells me that he will pull it off.

Knova Muavhi from South Africa

Bread’s Response: I’ve heard Deontay bring up the Boar Meat issue. So I don’t think it’s something he agreed not to talk about. I just think the media knows if they dwell on it, they won’t get access to Tyson anymore. It’s just how it is. I actually like both Deontay and Tyson. Both cool dudes but totally different. Deontay is country brash and I like his come to get it fight mentality. I like Tyson simply because he’s so dam articulate. He may be the best talker in all of boxing. I can listen to him all day. He’s really engaging. I hope nothing racial happens this weekend. And I hope the media is fair and objective with the winner and loser. But in boxing just like life, that becomes difficult in itself.

What’s up Bread, Hope you’re well.  Let’s get right to it: Deontay Wilder should look to enter the ring weighing how much for the Fury trilogy?

A. 235+

B. 225-234

C. 216-224

D. Under 215

I think the low 220’s would be ideal and I know weight isn’t everything but what are your thoughts?

William in West Palm 

Bread’s Response: Man I don’t know. Wilder looks like he’s packed on some muscle. But if he’s only 220 looking that JACKED, then I think it will be better for him. I’m as curious about the weigh in as I ever have been a heavyweight fight.

Hello Bread,

Any comments or opinions on Wilder’s spiking the drink accusations against Mark Breland. Is there any sign of weakness there with those comments?

Thank You, Rich Mathews

Bread’s Response: It can be weakness. It can be misdirected. It can be narcissistic. It can sociopathic. And it can be true. I don’t know what it is. In my lifetime I’ve never heard anything like that before. What’s crazy is, Wilder seems to believe it. I really don’t have another comment on it because although I don’t think it happened. I can’t say  100% it didn’t, because I wasn’t there and I don’t know the parties involved. I’ve seen some crazy stories that looked a certain way but weren’t that way. Here is one…

In the 90s, some close neighborhood friends of mine were at a bowling alley. They got into a fight and a shooting took place. My friends got arrested for the shooting. Someone got shot in the face. I wasn’t there at all and had nothing to do with it. That same night I was hanging out with a new girl I was dating. I didn’t have a car yet so I took my mom’s car to see her. We went out on a date and we hung out at my house. While taking her home someone threw old tires out of their truck in the middle of the expressway. My mom had a small Hyundai at the time I hit one of the tires damaging my mom’s car. 

So the neighborhood gossip lady, told everyone who would listen that I was the getaway driver in this crazy shooting at the bowling alley. It looked true because my mom’s car was messed up. My friends couldn’t say I had nothing to do with it because they said they weren’t there and they had nothing to do with it in their original statement. I had a girlfriend and I couldn’t use the new girl as an alibi just yet because of obvious reasons. But I was 100% innocent. I got out of it and so did my friends but for months people said I was involved. I say that to say the truth is the truth even if no one believes it. And a lie is a lie, even if everyone believes it. I was telling the truth and hardly anyone believed me because I didn’t go into detail of my whereabouts. So I’m very careful about weird accusations. I won’t say certain things publicly until CONCRETE proof comes out or I know the parties involved. 

Hey Mr Edwards,

Wonderful last mailbag. I liked how you handled the Canelo Alvarez Clenbuterol issue. I’m a big Canelo fan but that will forever remain a dark mark against his name. You really put your critic in his place. This weekend a man who made ten successful defences of the WBC Heavyweight title enters the ring as a consensus underdog and,  if you listen to some, a virtual no-hoper against a man who has never made even one successful defence of the heavyweight title. How did we get here? I know you rate Tyson Fury highly. I also know you believe Deontay Wilder is very live against him this weekend. I agree with you. I haven’t seen your breakdown of the fight yet but here’s the thing. Wilder was not himself in the rematch. Yes, his excuses bordered on the ridiculous but something was clearly wrong with him in a physical sense. His legs reminded me of Thomas Hearns’ legs in the Marvin Hagler fight.

Even without leg strength, Wilder stood up to everything Fury threw at him for seven rounds. He was still on his rubbery legs when Mark Breland threw in the towel. I don’t know how many people noticed but Fury actually had nothing left in the tank himself at the time of the stoppage. I think Wilder is a huge threat in the trilogy because he will enter the ring stronger than he was in the rematch. Without his legs in the last fight he could not tee off. And Wilder does not need to make a lot of adjustments in this fight. He needs to work his jab more, keep his hands up as Fury is a very poor body puncher and, above all, he needs to punch with Fury. He can’t wait to counter because of Fury’ abnormal length. And he needs to turn Fury every time the big Man tries to lean on him.

Anyone who writes Wilder off purely on what they saw in the rematch, are in for a shock. Fury will not face a human punching bag this time because let’s face it, without legs, no fighter can be effective. If Sergio Martinez had his legs under him, there’s no way Miguel Cotto does to him what he did to him. I’m not saying Wilder is a sure cinch to beat Fury. I’m saying this time, fully fit and focused, he has a genuine puncher’s chance. And despite everything said about the 12th round knockdown in the first fight, I don’t feel Wilder hit Fury as clean and hard as he hit Dominic Breazeale. Let’s see what happens when he does. The one thing that’s not happening in this fight is Fury stopping Wilder as many seem to think. With his legs good under him all Fury gets is a decision over Wilder. None of his punches in the rematch really hurt Wilder. But Wilder can seriously hurt Fury if he hits him as Fury hit him in the rematch. Kevin Johnson put Fury on his backside. And suddenly, Wilder, who’s a much bigger puncher than Kevin can’t do that? Some people are unbelievable. And mark my words, if Fury again tries to stop Wilder, the Heavyweight title will once more change hands this weekend via a crushing knockout defeat for Fury.

Thanks Mr Edwards. What’s your take?

MM – Ken Buchanan v the Takeover. If Buchanan could take a prime Roberto Duran fourteen rounds, I think he boxes Lopez’s ears off over 12 rounds. What do you think?

Keep punching Mr Edwards,

Katlholo – Johannesburg, South Africa. 

Bread’s Response: I think I may favor Lopez over Buchanon. I think Buchanon was a great fighter but I’m not sure he’s athletic or strong enough to deal with Lopez. Lopez is huge for 135lbs and he has real physicality.

The Canelo critics are what they are. I can’t say enough positive things about him. They want me to wash his car and shine his shoes or they make it personal in their attacks. I’ve got some disgusting emails from his fans and it only started when he failed a drug test. Oh well, that’s on them. 

I just said to someone earlier, Wilder can’t lay back. Fury’s arms are long as heck and if Wilder waits, Fury will bump and grind him up. He has to punch with Fury. And after volleys attack again. Let’s see if he’s up for it. I expect HIGH DRAMA.

What did you think of Bob Arum not allowing the FACE OFF, isn’t that a tradition for big fights? Also Arum attacked Kate Abdo and Mike Cpppinger..What are your thoughts on Arum and why he took over a PBC thing?

Bread’s Response: I’m not sure what you mean by PBC thing. Tyson Fury is with Top Rank. Fury is the defending the champion and A side in this fight. I thought face offs are a boxing thing…..I’m slightly confused at exactly what you mean.

I think Arum stopped Fury and Wilder from facing off, because he thought they may attack each other and the fight would be off. I have no issue with that. He has a right to do that. 

The Kate Abdo and Mike Coppinger situations are different. I think Bob became annoyed at Kate Abdo because he claims she knew there wasn’t supposed to be a Face Off and she called for one. I have no idea if that is true or not. And I did feel uncomfortable when I heard him say “F her”. I don’t know why things blew up like that but saying the F word towards her was not right in my opinion.

I think Kate does a great job and she was put in a tough spot. Wilder and Fury are both strong personalities who happen to fight for opposing companies. So the agendas will be different and it’s hard to control that, on her platform. 

Mike Coppinger has ascended in boxing to the go to guy as far as breaking news. He broke the Oscar Valdez story. Valdez is a Top Rank fighter and I think that upset Bob. You can tell it was personal. But Coppinger has the right to ask the tough questions. Bob has the right to reject them. This is an animalistic sport. Coppinger didn’t back down and neither did Bob…..

I like Mike Coppinger and I respect Bob Arum as a legend. It’s no big deal to me. I understand why both are the way they are. Bob is an old man and he doesn’t have to answer to anybody and he doesn’t have to be politically correct. Mike Coppinger is a young guy and he has to set his boundaries in boxing. He’s going to be here for a long time. Boxing is not only animalistic but it’s competitive. Very competitive. You have to be strong willed to make it in this sport. 

So the reporter who broke the positive PED story on one of Bob’s fighters, asked him another tough question about another one of his fighters, Teofimo Lopez as far as paying him. And Bob snapped at him. I won’t get into right or wrong because that doesn’t matter. It’s about perspective. I will say this. Mike Coppinger is setting a high bar and I appreciate his work. He just has to remain consistent and be strong but fair with everyone, which I think he will be. Let’s see how things go moving forward.

I just can’t get past the media not calling out certain fighters for ducking title shots. Ryan Garcia is the king of calling out fighters and not making the fight. He’s been named a member of the new 4 Kings and he’s the only one who hasn’t even fought for a title. Come on Bread! Since when has a fighter been anointed to such a height and he’s never fought for title. You don’t say much but you know this is racist. Boots Ennis is a much better fighter and he’s begging for a title shot. There is no way he could just avoid makeable fights and title shots like Garcia and not get called out. Then you have Jaime Munguia. I watch so called objective media guys call out Demetrius Andrade for not fighting anybody. The WBO inserts the champion from the division below as the #1 contender, when he moves up. Why is Munguia not called out for not taking a title shot? He’s now signed to face Gabe Rosado. How many tune ups does a #1 contender need with over 30 fights? The amount of slack that these fighters are getting is more than just an oversight. Devin Haney and Demetrius Andrade get slandered for their lack of tough fights but both are begging people to fight them for their titles and Garcia and Munguia are allowed to duck title shots. Talk to me brother.

Bread’s Response: I was ending my mailbag early this week because I have a busy few days ahead. But I think this is a fair question. 

I don’t know if it’s racism. But I won’t say it’s not either. But I will say you have a good point. Devin Haney gets called an email champion etc etc. And the only reason why he got a belt the way he did was because Loma was elevated to a higher status. By the way I think Loma deserved it, but nevertheless Haney didn’t get a belt because of anything wrong that he did. He was the #1 contender and he wanted a title shot and Loma had bigger plans, so Haney got the belt. All Haney did was pursue the WBC belt like a fighter who wanted to fight the champion. He forced his presence but yet he gets ridiculed because of how he got the belt. 

Haney has been available to Jo Jo Diaz and Ryan Garcia for title shots. I know Diaz is a gun and a tough fighter. So I’m in no way suggesting he doesn’t want to fight Haney. He just got into the mix at 135. But Haney still is offering title shots to notable opponents. Diaz and Garcia seem to want to fight each other and I understand the business behind that. Same promoter. Mexican Americans. A logical California fight. But Haney is the champion and Garcia seems to be more interested in fighting Diaz. This is really bizarre because they would be fighting for an interim belt but the champion is available. I think it’s time that the media at least gives Haney a break and start asking fighters in his division why haven’t they pursued him. 

Demetrius Andrade is fighting Jason Quigley in a New England fight. Quigley is Irish and there is a strong Irish presence in the New England area. Andrade is from Providence. So the promoter made a good fight as far as promotion. But Munguia is 37-0! They claimed he struggled to make 154lbs. Him and Andrade would not be a Super Fight. But it would be a big significant fight. I haven’t heard anyone ask Munguia why he isn’t challenging Andrade who was available until recently. Another bizarre situation. 

I think it’s about time that some awareness gets brought to this. The Champion shouldn’t have to chase challengers to fight him. I know Andrade made a bad call by not fighting Charlo in 2014. But it’s 2021. He’s an available champion. He hasn’t been able to get Canelo. Canelo is a BOSS and he’s fighting big fights outside of Andrade’s weight class. No duck there. But they were in the same weight class for some time. They were actually champions at 154 and 160 together. Never a fight. GGG is over at the DAZN and he’s most likely getting a deserved pass for not fighting Andrade. I get it. He’s 39. But he’s still a champion. Munguia is a young man in his prime in the same division what’s the excuse…..

Here is what I will say. If no one is going to ask or call Garcia and Munguia for not taking title shots. Then no one should have an issue with Haney and Andrade’s recent competition. Haney vs Garcia and Andrade vs Munguia are big fights. All undefeated fighters in competitive fights. I don’t even have a pick for Haney vs Garcia. That’s razor close. These guys fight on the same platform and there has been no evidence shown the champions don’t want the fights……..Great questions and I’m glad you asked it.

Send Questions to dabreadman25@hotmail.com

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